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  • Portland, OR, USA
  • UTC -8 (PST)
  • English
  • Gamer
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Casual & relaxed (no salt!) player who prefers to associate with same. Laid-back players looking for fun & escapism preferred. I'm not only about the in-game fighting, I enjoy the story & lore if the game interests me, & I enjoy taking my time, exploring, getting to know the characters, & collecting items & loot. I'm a completionist & do all the side quests & explore every location thoroughly.

I'm interested in so many things it's easier (and briefer) to explain what I'm NOT into. I'm not into PVP at all. I prefer fantasy & sci-fi games for the escapism they provide -- I don't like "realistic" modern-day war games. I particularly enjoy open-world adventure, survival, RPG, & sandbox games, & anything to do with The Elder Scrolls or Fallout. Also I get a good deal of enjoyment from modding games.

I don't like the "quest" system on this Nubbl forum, *I prefer personal direct messages*, so if you are interested in doing some co-op or chatting send me a personal message & let's discuss it.

Always up for some Destiny 2 or Borderlands co-op & am open to discovering new co-op games to play. Have a favorite? Let's discuss.

I use Discord during gaming for voice & communicating via DM between gaming sessions, so you having Discord installed & using it to *keep in touch & schedule each other's time responsibly* is a prerequisite to gaming. People who don't make any effort to communicate or typically don't show up for gaming sessions are fun killers (but are, unfortunately, common).

My pet peeve with online acquaintances is they are more often than not undependable -- either they never show up, or start a game then drop out & stop communicating. Even here, on Nubbl, people message you then never follow up; very discouraging behavior. However, every now and then, if you don't give up in exasperation, you find someone dependable (he pondered hopefully).

In any case, have fun!

Preferred Playtimes

  • UTC -8 (PST)
  • Afternoons 12-4pm
  • Nights 8-12pm
  • Late nights 12-4am
  • Mondays
  • Tuesdays
  • Wednesdays
  • Thursdays
  • Fridays
  • Saturdays
  • Sundays

Questions & Answers 10 of 10 answered

  • Q1 Are you actively looking to create a video game?
  • No
  • Q2 Are you actively looking to create a tabletop game?
  • No
  • Q3 Do you actively play games on 'retro' consoles?
  • No
  • Q4 Do you play games competitively?
  • No
    "If competitively means PVP or adversarial MMO, then no, definitely not. Competition between friends, sure."
  • Q5 Are you looking for a group? (guild, clan, etc.)
  • No
    "It depends on the venue, of course. For example, guilds can be very supportive in ESO, but they can also be totally useless."
  • Q6 Do you stream online?
  • No, but I want to
    "Now that I (finally!) have a PC powerful enough to stream reliably I might consider trying it in the future, but not sure yet."
  • Q7 Do you prefer to play with people online or in person?
  • Online
  • Q8 Do you compete in gaming tournaments?
  • No
  • Q9 Do you prefer multiplayer or singleplayer?
  • Multiplayer
    "Singleplayer (most of my games are singleplayer), but I enjoy multiplayer CO-OP games (i.e., closed controlled invitation-only groups; NOT free-for-all MMOs)."
  • Q10 Do you want to play games all day every day?
  • I already do
    "Well, not all day every day -- sometimes I eat, sleep, and kill dust bunnies."
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