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  • Warilla NSW, Australia
  • UTC +10 (AEST)
  • English
  • Gamer
  • Open to meeting IRL
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I usually look for co-op PC games to play because I like to work toward a common goal with people. I like to play things that are decently challenging, but not to the point that you need some formulaic plan to beat the system. Casual or easier games are good too as long as there's something to enjoy in there.

I'd really like to get in to some RL TTRPG. I've played 5E for a few years online, which ended recently, and I want to try it in person. So if you're in or near the Illawarra region and want a player for pretty much any system I may be your guy. My schedule is a bit flexible if your game is outside preferred times.


  1. dnd-5e RPGs seriously
  2. risk-of-rain-2 Windows semi-seriously
  3. deep-rock-galactic Windows casually
  4. vrchat Windows casually
  5. starcraft-2 Windows casually
  6. risk-of-rain Windows semi-seriously
  7. terraria Windows semi-seriously
  8. 20xx Windows casually
  9. dying-light Windows semi-seriously
  10. x3-albion-prelude Windows casually
  11. kerbal-space-program Windows casually
  12. space-pirates-and-zombies Windows semi-seriously
  13. dawn-of-war-2 Windows casually

Preferred Playtimes

  • UTC +10 (AEST)
  • Mornings 8-12am
  • Afternoons 12-4pm
  • Evenings 4-8pm
  • Nights 8-12pm
  • Tuesdays
  • Fridays
  • Saturdays
  • Sundays

Questions & Answers 10 of 10 answered

  • Q1 Are you actively looking to create a video game?
  • No
    "I'd love to make a video game, and have some experience with Unity/C#/Blender/Photoshop before but it's not really something I'm working towards right now."
  • Q2 Are you actively looking to create a tabletop game?
  • No
    "I don't think I know tabletop systems and play dynamics well enough to really get in to making one."
  • Q3 Do you actively play games on 'retro' consoles?
  • No
    "I have emulated some older games and enjoyed them but my first console was an original PlayStation which I wouldn't consider retro yet, but it probably is by now."
  • Q4 Do you play games competitively?
  • No
    "I like to play games I enjoy well enough to think I'm good at them but competitive play hasn't really been my thing. It might be, but I haven't really gravitated to it naturally."
  • Q5 Are you looking for a group? (guild, clan, etc.)
  • Yes
    "I'd love to find a group of people I could really become a part of and enjoy gaming with."
  • Q6 Do you stream online?
  • No, but I want to
    "I'd like to stream IF there was a need to stream the content. Say if there was a game/event/discussion that people would love to watch but there wasn't anyone streaming it or doing it in a way that could be considered better."
  • Q7 Do you prefer to play with people online or in person?
  • No preference
    "Online is more convenient but it does feel less real that in person. Still made some great friends online but there's more to in person interactions that's lost online."
  • Q8 Do you compete in gaming tournaments?
  • No, but I want to
    "If it was a fun, good-natured competition then sure."
  • Q9 Do you prefer multiplayer or singleplayer?
  • Multiplayer
    "Both have their advantages but my ideal game would be a cooperative multiplayer game."
  • Q10 Do you want to play games all day every day?
  • No
    "I used to game all day, but I think I enjoy life more when I balance it out with other things."
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