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  • Vilnius, Lithuania
  • UTC +2 (EET / CAT)
  • English, Lithuanian
  • Gamer
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A pretty chill dude, whos introverted as all hell with new people, tho people to whom I open up say I tend to be pretty brash and classified as a, and I quote, "Trickster or Chaotic Neutral".

Most of my "pokes" at people or (in my opinion) light insults are ment as friendly jabs, tho if people get annoyed by them i tend to tone it down.

Fuck... Figuring out what to write here is annoyin...

WARHAMMER 40K! Love it... The Emperor protects!

I like to play my games seriously to a point. I'll rarely participate in "memeing" in a pvp game, cuz that's usually not that fun. I always try my best in games, but i don't go hardcore meta builds or strats, cuz that makes the game stale for me.

I'm thick skinned. Good luck pissing me off!

Yes, that IS me in the picture. Yes I do play airsoft.
Ladies contain yourself...


  1. warhammer-40k-games Windows semi-seriously
  2. world-of-tanks Windows semi-seriously
  3. rainbows-6-siege Windows semi-seriously
  4. stellaris Windows semi-seriously
  5. mount-and-blade Windows semi-seriously
  6. arma-3 Windows semi-seriously
  7. payday-2 Windows semi-seriously
  8. company-of-heroes-2 Windows semi-seriously
  9. helldivers Windows semi-seriously
  10. homeworld-games Windows semi-seriously
  11. command-and-conquer Windows semi-seriously
  12. civilization-games Windows semi-seriously
  13. league-of-legends Windows semi-seriously
  14. heroes-of-the-storm Windows semi-seriously

Preferred Playtimes

  • UTC +2 (EET / CAT)
  • Afternoons 12-4pm
  • Evenings 4-8pm
  • Nights 8-12pm
  • Late nights 12-4am
  • Mondays
  • Tuesdays
  • Wednesdays
  • Thursdays
  • Fridays
  • Saturdays
  • Sundays

Questions & Answers 10 of 10 answered

  • Q1 Are you actively looking to create a video game?
  • No
  • Q2 Are you actively looking to create a tabletop game?
  • No
    "My job has a... D3 time table so to say... I either get 1st 2nd or 3rd shift so the only times i have free guaranteed is weekends and apparently, BARELY ANYONE MAKES DnD FOR WEAKENS..."
  • Q3 Do you actively play games on 'retro' consoles?
  • No
  • Q4 Do you play games competitively?
  • Yes
    "TO. A. POINT. I'm not interested in going full hardcore into a game if it prevents me from having fun... I prefer to enjoy myself playing a game, which also leads me to do better in it"
  • Q5 Are you looking for a group? (guild, clan, etc.)
  • No
  • Q6 Do you stream online?
  • No, but I want to
    "Need a good set up for it to start... But that takes some good 'ol fashioned money..."
  • Q7 Do you prefer to play with people online or in person?
  • No preference
  • Q8 Do you compete in gaming tournaments?
  • No, but I want to
    "I mean.... As Long as I can enjoy myself doing it..."
  • Q9 Do you prefer multiplayer or singleplayer?
  • No preference
    "I like both! But SP get's stale quick..."
  • Q10 Do you want to play games all day every day?
  • I already do
    "Who needs a social life, eh?"
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