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Looking for friends to casually play various games with

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Hi! I'm a Finnish man, 41, in search for adult, mature gamer pals on PS4.
More than just random people for a game or two, I'd like to find people who are in my friends list to stay, people that it would be nice to chat with on the headset while playing whatever casually. I'm a nice and friendly guy and welcome people of all genders and sexual orientations and different cultures.
I've recently got into Battlefield 1 and love it, it would be nice to find a squad for that. More people for Apex Legends are always welcome too. I'm a casual mediocre-to-average player in both, would be better if aiming with controller wasn't so hard.
Games that I own but haven't played that much: For Honor.
Games that I'd like to play in co-op mode but don't own yet: Far Cry 5, Battlefield V (Firestorm maybe), Division 2, maybe Monster Hunter World.
Games that I own and have played a lot in single player but would still play co-op: No Man's Sky, Steep, maybe AC Unity.


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